K. Fogg = Neoprene
Cutting Room Floor Tape Termination Mix


AshComm will be releasing our first batch of CD-ROMs in the coming months. These disks will provide enhanced access to otherwise unseen information such as expanded digital liner notes, images, videos, bonus tracks, webpages, etc.--all of the benefits of a digital copy, without losing the desired physicality of a disk.
Ashtar Communications..."Putting the Future in Your Mind"
Kirk Fogg - 2049 
Realm Dynamics - Omega Drugs
Zone Eater - Dreams Monitoring Transcendence
Ashtar Communications Presents - Simulations: VRcadia

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Kirk Fogg is currently in the studio preparing to record on site in historic Cyborg City with the honorable Dr. Retarded, Vom Dog himself. This will mark the first time K.Fogg has allowed another human to capture his essence. Anticipate heavy liquid bass lines with dense rhythmic and melodic (hyper)saturation.

On the Horizon
Much is being discussed:
shows, splits, collaborations, video game design, geographic relocation, et al.
Stay Jacked

Ontologically perplexing YouTube Releases

[001] "yt28" RealD CRYOMIX (Black I.C.E.)
[002] "yt28" R.E.A.L. DemoStream


INC 2013
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Ashtar Communications Presents
Simulations: VRcadia
Music by Jason Waterfalls
"Unreleased c27" 2010
Jason Waterfalls - Amazon Tour Guide
 All analog "plein-air" handheld cassette recordings of  tape loop
centralized moodscapes. Highly influenced by Aguirre: Wrath of God.
some track excerpts also featured on Tropical Depression split with H.P.B.

Realm Dynamics - Omega Drugs CD-r coming soon