The Sound Which You Dream to Listen
ACCS001|Jason Waterfalls "Universe People: Bringers of Dawn" cs30 2011
ACCS002|Hollywood Public Broadcasting/J. Waterfalls "Tropical Depression" cs30 2011
ACCS003|Realm Dynamics "Realm Dynamics" cs30 2011
ACCS004|Kirk Fogg "Ultrazone" cs30 2012
ACCS005|Night Trap "Glacial Graphics" cs30 2012
ACDL001|Kirk Fogg "R.E.A.L. DemoStream" Digital 2013
ACDL002|Kirk Fogg "RealD CRYOMIX" Digital 2013
ACDL003|Neoprene "Cerulean Blue" Digital 2013 
ACDL004|Realm Dynamics "Supplemental" Digital 2014
ACDL005|R.E.A.L. "Time Gel" Digital 2014
ACDL006|Realm Dynamics "Time Cop 2010" Digital 2014
ACDL007|Neoprene "DAEMON TRAX" Digital 2014
ACMX001|Ashtar Communications 1 Digital Mix 2015
ACDD001|Kirk Fogg "2049" CD-ROM 2015
ACDD002|Zone-Eater "Dreams Monitoring Transcendence" CD-ROM 2015
ACDD003|AshCom Presents "Simulations: VRcadia" CD-ROM 2015
ACDD004|Realm Dynamics "Supplements" CD-ROM 2015
ACCD001|Halocline.Systems OST-0 CD-r 
ACCS006|Neoprene "Symbiote" cs40 Soon
ACCS007|Frank Waves "Heatstroke '98" cs40 Soon
ACMX002|Ashtar Communications 2 cs96 Mix Soon
ACCS008|Neoprene "Thinkpiece" cs40 SoonACDD005|Halocline.Systems Vol. 1 CD-ROM Soon